Sunday, September 18, 2011


So back in August I had an idea to do a fundraiser to raise money for JDRF.After about a day of thinking I decided to do one with bowling. Where kids can be involved too so it was just not for adults since these was my daughter. I decided to call it Strikes for Sweet and Sassy's Diabetic Courage. I was very apprehensive about this. Would it be a success? Would we make money? Who would actually show up. With all of this going through my head I thought why not if it does not go well who cares we had fun. Boy was I wrong after I posted it on Facebook we had a huge response but then again I found myself questioning myself the closer it go to September 16. I had put alot work, time and money into this. We had 50/50 tickets and 5 raffles items.

As the days followed I prepared pictures and a video. I am not a crafty person in anyway shape or form. I had no clue had to make a video but I figured it all out.

So the night was here I was so afraid that everyone who said they were coming would call and say "something came up we wont make" thinking in my head what I would say back to them. What i want to say is "What if this was your son/daughter that went through living with Type 1 everyday?"

All the worrying for nothing this event was a huge success with family and friends and will defiantly be a event we will do everyday. The evening went by so fast I was busy talking and thanking everyone for coming I barley had time to enjoy any bowling with my daughter. She had a blast along with everyone else who was there as well.

In the end after paying for all the bowling, pizza and soda we raised $471.00 to take with us on our walk October 9.

I am truly from the bottom of my heart so thankful for all our family and friends that came out September 16 to make this event a success they will never know much this meant to me.

Her two older brother Chase (left) Damian (right)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cadence wearing her sample Omnipod

A little bit of everything

When I started blogging back in July I thought I would blog something every day...boy was I wrong. Since I started this life has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. It started out with my friend loosing her 21 year old son, then Blake's grandpa passed. I decided to go back to work applied for several jobs on Monday August 7 got a call that day for an interview the next morning that afternoon they called and ask if I could the next day. So I had to find a sitter for Sweet and Sassy that I could trust and know how to take of her. I was pretty lucky I had a few in mind that I was given names of . The first person I called was the one. Her daughter has Celiacs Disease so she was very understanding that of reading labels and measuring food out. Thank goodness she was able to take her at the last minute.

Then we had our 3 month endo appt it went great...we are now going to start pumping with Omnipod super excited about this change. Sweet and Sassy wore a sample Omnipod prior to our appt. We go Sept 17 for our pump class then go from there. Lots of good things I hear about the Omnipod.

Then school started...all went well no complaints here. The nurse is wonderful with her. I never feel like she is not taken care of. The nurse will text me all her numbers througout the day or if she has any questions about anything! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Then over Labor Day weekend I took my 1st trip without Sweet and Sassy since she was diagnosed. Blake and I went to Florida to pack up his granparents place and drive their car back. The getaway was great but I worried the whole time I was gone. Thanks to Misty over at Life Is Like a Box of Chocolate's for being on call all weekend if needed. My mom did have to call her just for reassurance. Sweet and Sassy then went to stay with her dad on Friday evening let me just say this was not what I expected.
Her dad just dont get it sometimes he gave her donuts every morning for breakfast and pizza every evening for dinner....WHAT WAS HE THINKING!!!!! Do not get me wrong I do let her have those types of food but not everyday.

Well with all this I am going to try harder to at least blog once a week from now on...we will see how this goes. I truly love doing this and reading others blogs well. Hope everyone has a great weekend.