Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am back

Well it has been a little over 2mths since I have wrote on this blog. Mainly because I am so busy. Here you go an update on the Omnipod:)

We have been podding for 3mths and had our 3mth check up with endo today, drum roll...A1c was 7.1!!!! Awesome for us, I was a little worried because she has been all over the place lately. We are still trying to figured out some basal and IC ratio's but over all I am very proud of how we have done so far.

Sweet and Sassy's handles it all very well. She can even do a pod change by herself with no help. I am getting braver and have let her spend the night away from twice. The third time will be Sunday she is staying with her cousin.

Hope all my blogging friends are doing well, I promise to update more often.