Thursday, August 4, 2011


The last week has been a nightmare any parent should never have to go through. My friends son did not make it he passed last Saturday. He physcially was doing ok but on Friday they did brain function test and he was brain dead. VERY SAD! The family is holding up way better than I would be. As I writting this i just a got text from her that said " We ordered a beautiful headstone!! Thanks for being there and you can"t live your life in fear of Cadence's disease. Just enjoy her don't fear the disease god wouldn't want you to be so stressed living day to day scared it's out of control as I found out." My heart aches for her.

Since this has happened to her, I am now more than ever worry more about BG. I know we have them under control and she is doing good, but us T1 mamma's know this could change in a blink of eye.

Well just wanted to give an update with her son since i posted last week about him. Thanks to all your prayers keep them coming they will need them in the next upcoming weeks and months.