Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What were we waiting for

So we have been pumping with the Omnipod for one month tomorrow, so far so good no big issues. We love it, as I sit back and think about why I waited so long to get started on the pump? I really think it was just I had the injections down I knew when she would go HIGH or LOW with what activity.

Pod changes have went well every three days we have not had one fall off or be uncomfortable...I am patting myself on my back because when were on saline the first week I put one her arm and it was EXTREMELY painful for her. Sweet and Sassy cried for almost two hours that day. I felt so bad for her and thought is this going to work for us. She was so afraid of and said " I just want to go back on shots!" I encouraged her to keep trying it out. Trying to explain this too a crying 8 year old who is very strong willed was quite difficult but all in all she agreed.

One of our first days on the pump she said " I do not even feel like I have diabetes anymore." This brought tears to my eyes. I am glad she feels that why now me it took me a few days, seeing the pod attached to her was a constant reminder to me that she had this awful disease. It does not bother me at all anymore.

We have had awesome BG only a couple high's but this week are struggling with low's in the morning after breakfast as in 40 yes I said 40 to low for me.

A big thanks goes out to Nicole Stupp when ever I had question no matter the time of day or night she was always there for me.

With all of this being said Sweet and Sassy is preparing for our next cheer competition on Saturday

Friday, November 11, 2011

24 Hours and counting on the pump

A very long time awaiting but we did it and so far we love it. As I did not think it was going to bother me very much but as we ate our first meal without and injection I become overwhelmed with emotion I started crying and could not stop. I am sure everyone in the place was like what is wrong with the mom. I have been an emotional mess since then. I think it just brought back so many memories of Dx day.

So here we are just over 24 hrs and counting and we have had great numbers and only one high but no ketones. Keeping my fingers crossed that we continue with all the good reports.

Her first meal without an injection!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Big Day

As it never occurred to me when were setting up our start of the Omni-pod it was diabetes awareness month what better month to start pumping! Today is the day we will began pumping of course with saline the first week then insulin. I am a nervous wreck I will do something wrong with the pump. Just has I felt the day we left the hospital when Sweet and Sassy. I know we will be okay because I have great support group of other D mamma's that I have met over the past few months. Well time to get ready for our big day.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Get better fast

I am really upset today, on Saturday I let Sweet and Sassy play outside all day with
Snuggled on the couch with Braxton with high blood sugars that make her feel cruddy!!!!

the neighbor kids. She had on sweatshirt and jeans and tennis shoes...versus the neighbor girl who had no shoes and tank top with carpi pants it was in the 50's but hey I am not her mom. So who wakes up yesterday with a nasty barking cough yes that would be my daughter. I started breathing treatments immediately on her as I do not want this to get out of control...which with the breathing treatments = high blood sugars in 400's. I just get so made at this stupid disease the least little thing they do affects their sugar level. Needless to say we off to the Dr today when the little girl across the street is at school and is not sick...not that I would want her sick too. We can not be sick we are getting our Omi-pod on Thursday and we have our first cheer competition on Saturday

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet and Sassy and her big sister too.

Giving Kisses to each it.

Sweet and Sassy and her big sister at her 7th B-day party one month before diagnosed.

The Best Big Brother

This was at one our Dr's appointments I just love that the are so close. This was only 10 days after diagnosed he had to be everywhere with us. Very concerned about his little sister.

Showing Courage to her Bubba

Good morning to all! We have had some really good days not to many high BG or low BG I absolutely love this but what I do not like is what or should I say how this disease made me feel this morning at breakfast.

We got up did our normal first things first before even getting out of bed we checked Sweet and Sassy's BG it was PERFECT 131!!!! Did a little happy dance we love seeing that kind of number first thing in the morning. So I ask the kids what they wanted for breakfast they both said " Cinnamon Rolls." almost spontaneously really strange. So off I go to put them into the oven. Of course after putting them in the oven I immediately look at the carb count already knowing what it is but I always like to double check 44 carbs with icing per roll. They both decided they wanted chocolate milk as well. So Sweet and Sassy wants 3 cinnamon rolls with chocolate milk. 165 carbs = 12 units of insulin for her.

As I am dialing up her insulin pen and preparing to give it to her. I just stood there for a minute looking at it and said " This just stinks." She was sitting there about to enjoy her breakfast when we have to say " oh wait you need a shot before you can eat that." With that many units I wanted to make sure it was going in a spot that would absorb better than others. After choosing our spot she said" oh that one kind of hurt." No tears though. My son says " This just plain sucks for her." Yes it does. So while I am in the kitchen cleaning up I hear her talking to her bubba her response to all of this was " God must not of had enough diabetics that is why he chose me bubba." I almost started to cry. To look at that way is UNBELIEVABLE for an 8 year old. I do believe he does choose the strong ones to have this awful disease. I am so very thankful she does not put up a fight every time we need insulin to just stay alive everyday. I do believe if this was my son it would not be so easy. As just the other night he said " Mom I feel funny kinda of shaky and light headed." You know us D mammas of course I checked his BG. You would of thought I was telling him we were doing major surgery. Thank goodness it was 99 and dinner was about to be served. I am always fearful that he will end up with this as well. When he was an infant his BG dropped to 61 when we were in the hospital for a virus. We checked BG for 2 weeks 3 times a day at 9 mths old. Everything turned out fine and the Dr's determined it was Rotovirus... I still worry especially now with her having D.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A New Adventure Coming Soon

Hi to everyone I know I never blog very much at all, and to be honest I feel like I am not a very creative writer and frankly blogging takes more time than writing a quick status on facebook. So here I am about to tell you all that has been going on since my last blog a month ago.

After careful decision making for almost two months of reading and asking questions to all my other D families we have decided to start pumping and have chosen the OmniPod. Sweet and Sassy has always said " I do not want anything attached to my waist all day long." and with that being said we never pushed the issue. That all changed when we found out about the pods. Since Sept 17 we have been in the process of getting all this started. As of Monday this week we have our Omnipod now just waiting on a call from the Dr's office to get it connected. I am excited and a nervous wreck about starting this adventure. I know there will be many bumps along the way just like when we were diagnosed.

I really am going to try and post more on here...I know I know I keep saying this but I really want to post more I do. If we could only have more time in the day to get things done. Hope all my D families are doing well.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


So back in August I had an idea to do a fundraiser to raise money for JDRF.After about a day of thinking I decided to do one with bowling. Where kids can be involved too so it was just not for adults since these was my daughter. I decided to call it Strikes for Sweet and Sassy's Diabetic Courage. I was very apprehensive about this. Would it be a success? Would we make money? Who would actually show up. With all of this going through my head I thought why not if it does not go well who cares we had fun. Boy was I wrong after I posted it on Facebook we had a huge response but then again I found myself questioning myself the closer it go to September 16. I had put alot work, time and money into this. We had 50/50 tickets and 5 raffles items.

As the days followed I prepared pictures and a video. I am not a crafty person in anyway shape or form. I had no clue had to make a video but I figured it all out.

So the night was here I was so afraid that everyone who said they were coming would call and say "something came up we wont make" thinking in my head what I would say back to them. What i want to say is "What if this was your son/daughter that went through living with Type 1 everyday?"

All the worrying for nothing this event was a huge success with family and friends and will defiantly be a event we will do everyday. The evening went by so fast I was busy talking and thanking everyone for coming I barley had time to enjoy any bowling with my daughter. She had a blast along with everyone else who was there as well.

In the end after paying for all the bowling, pizza and soda we raised $471.00 to take with us on our walk October 9.

I am truly from the bottom of my heart so thankful for all our family and friends that came out September 16 to make this event a success they will never know much this meant to me.

Her two older brother Chase (left) Damian (right)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cadence wearing her sample Omnipod

A little bit of everything

When I started blogging back in July I thought I would blog something every day...boy was I wrong. Since I started this life has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. It started out with my friend loosing her 21 year old son, then Blake's grandpa passed. I decided to go back to work applied for several jobs on Monday August 7 got a call that day for an interview the next morning that afternoon they called and ask if I could the next day. So I had to find a sitter for Sweet and Sassy that I could trust and know how to take of her. I was pretty lucky I had a few in mind that I was given names of . The first person I called was the one. Her daughter has Celiacs Disease so she was very understanding that of reading labels and measuring food out. Thank goodness she was able to take her at the last minute.

Then we had our 3 month endo appt it went great...we are now going to start pumping with Omnipod super excited about this change. Sweet and Sassy wore a sample Omnipod prior to our appt. We go Sept 17 for our pump class then go from there. Lots of good things I hear about the Omnipod.

Then school started...all went well no complaints here. The nurse is wonderful with her. I never feel like she is not taken care of. The nurse will text me all her numbers througout the day or if she has any questions about anything! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Then over Labor Day weekend I took my 1st trip without Sweet and Sassy since she was diagnosed. Blake and I went to Florida to pack up his granparents place and drive their car back. The getaway was great but I worried the whole time I was gone. Thanks to Misty over at Life Is Like a Box of Chocolate's for being on call all weekend if needed. My mom did have to call her just for reassurance. Sweet and Sassy then went to stay with her dad on Friday evening let me just say this was not what I expected.
Her dad just dont get it sometimes he gave her donuts every morning for breakfast and pizza every evening for dinner....WHAT WAS HE THINKING!!!!! Do not get me wrong I do let her have those types of food but not everyday.

Well with all this I am going to try harder to at least blog once a week from now on...we will see how this goes. I truly love doing this and reading others blogs well. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Life as been hectic the last few weeks...and sure does not look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. With the first day of school sneaking up on us we have our endo appointment in the morning. Hoping and praying a good visit as well as to some answers. Sweet and Sassy has been running extreamly high at night with ketones and nothing we do seems to be working to our advantage. By morning she is back to normal so who knows with disease somedays.

She has been wearing a sample of the OmniPod in hopes of this is what we will get in the next couple of months, she seems pretty excited about it.

Hope everyone is enjoying your last few days with kids before school is back in session and that we all have our 504's ready to go.

Will try and report back tomorrow about our visit.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


The last week has been a nightmare any parent should never have to go through. My friends son did not make it he passed last Saturday. He physcially was doing ok but on Friday they did brain function test and he was brain dead. VERY SAD! The family is holding up way better than I would be. As I writting this i just a got text from her that said " We ordered a beautiful headstone!! Thanks for being there and you can"t live your life in fear of Cadence's disease. Just enjoy her don't fear the disease god wouldn't want you to be so stressed living day to day scared it's out of control as I found out." My heart aches for her.

Since this has happened to her, I am now more than ever worry more about BG. I know we have them under control and she is doing good, but us T1 mamma's know this could change in a blink of eye.

Well just wanted to give an update with her son since i posted last week about him. Thanks to all your prayers keep them coming they will need them in the next upcoming weeks and months.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


First of all I want to thank anyone who has commented over the past few days its been very stressful around here as you are about to here!

Sweet and Sassy's BG have been extreamly high at night in the 300's and low 400's but has been great during the day, no high's or low's. I think we have it under control now. I have been increasing her Lantus as of last night it's working, let us hope tonight is good too. I need some sleep more than 2 hrs at a time!

Then our air is out. Been having companies in out getting estimates. We think we have one now should be installed next week sometime. It has not been to hot as our's still works some what.

Blake's grandpa is not doing well at all. He is now in Hospice care only drinking not eating. They are saying its a matter of days. He is Florida. I keep telling Blake to go see him I do not want him to miss out on saying good-bye and then regret it later. I know we have alot going on here but I can handle it. So not sure how to handle him not wanting to go. I am thinking it is just a guy thing.

My friend Jeannette found her 21 yr old son unresponsive she had to give him CPR. He has blood clots they think with all the CPR the clot broke up and moved to his lungs which was lying on his heart. He has flat lined three times since Monday I was told. He is on a hypothermia machine to help with the brain function. He is 65% vent and 35% of his own breathing. He truly needs a MIRACLE! He had told his mom about a month ago he thought something seriously was wrong with him. He just graduated college and was engaged. The family had also taken a trip out west about a month ago as well.

I feel so HELPLESS to all the ones around me right now. Knowing there is nothing I can say or do to make things better for any of them. All I can do is be there when they need me.

I know alot of this had nothing to do with her BG's but please keep them all in your prayers.

As a mother I can not even imagine what she is going throguh. I hope and pray I never have to either. If none of this makes any sense it is beacause I have had a waterfall on the whole time I have been typing.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Something that has been bothering me for a weeks now

Hi I know all of you will understand where I am coming from when I tell you this story that I have kept to myself for several weeks now.

I have an amamzing boyfriend named Blake and without him I do not know how I would have gotten through this the past year since she was diagnosed. I will save that story for another blog on another day.

So here is what happened Blake has a big family with bothers, sistes and step brothers and sisters as well with all their kids. It was July 4th weekend and Blakes mother was having somewhere between 20-25 people there for the whole weekend with all the kids and so forth. I offered to do to all the desserts for that weekend. I made several differnt ones to be exact I made 6 all together 2 for each day Sat, Sun and Mon the 4th. On Saturday evening I took over what we call a Dreamy Creamy Kool-Aid Pie, Death by Chocoalte and a Ice-cream sandwhich dessert as well. All of which my daughter can eat when she is given the proper insulin. One of the ladies there that evening turned to me and said " Is this why your daughter is the way she is because you fed her sweets all the time?" For the first few seconds I was shocked she even said that to me. Then I got angry that someone would accuse of me that. After about 30 seconds which seemed like hours I looked at her and said "NO MY DAUGHTER WAS BORN WITH THIS DISEASE IT IS AN AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE IT WAS JUST A MATTER OF TIME THIS COULD OF HAPPENED WHEN SHE WAS SMALLER OR 10 YEARS FROM NOW!" Then I had to walk away. I felt like she was saying I caused my daughter to have this, which I know is NOT true, but when someone says something like that to you when you have a T1 it hits home a little more than someone who is not T1.

I am sure many of you have been in similar situation before. I almost lost it but I think I did well. If people only understood what T1 really was all about. I can't even imagine having said something like to someone not knowing much about the disease. Once again people amaze me!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Last night at exactly 10:35 my phone was ringing...I knew this was good. It was the call I was dreading my little Sweet and Sassy crying wanting to come home from camp. I just about lost it but I kept it together until we hung up the phone. I told her to try one more night there and things would be better in the morning after she got some sleep. The counselors said she had been crying all week about 5 to 6 times a day and at bedtime. They were having truoble calming her down as the days past. So I ask to speak to the director when she called back she also said I should come get her. So I made her stay last night called and checked on her at lunch time and well here we are at home. I tried everything to get her to stay. All the girls were trying to as well... oh well maybe next year she will stay all week. The sweetest thing was in the truck on the way home she said "mommy when we get home I have surprise for you!" I said "you do what that might be?" When we got home she ran to her room as I was unloading everything. When I walked in the house she said "go to your room." There on my bed laid $15.00 she said " I am sorry for wasting your money on the camp that I did not stay at so keep what I have I even some change you can have too." I thought I was going to cry I told her its not about the money but that you are okay even though I wished she would have stayed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 3 of Sweet and Sassy away at camp

This is what i woke up to today...looks as if she is having a great time. So glad to see a smile on her face...which does not surprise me she always has a smile. Doing much better today!

NaturallySweett: Lauren's Hope Sugar Bolus!

NaturallySweett: Lauren's Hope Sugar Bolus!: "I hope everyone’s having a fantastic summer! I have a great Sugar Bolus that will hopefully make it even sweeter! I have been wearing Laur..."

Monday, July 18, 2011

Waring signs every parent should be aware of this is silent disease that gets mis diagnosed too many times to count.

I think this should be posted at every school nurses office.

How I am dealing with her gone to camp

Well yesterday was one the hardest days I have had since we were diagnosed with T1 I left her at camp. I am glad she has friend there though the two of them could have cared less that us "MOMMY'S" did not want to say good-bye. I did way better than I thought I would...I never shed a tear and neither did Cadence. Last night at bed time was a different story I lost it when I seen her bag with all her diabtetic supplies in it, I felt as if she did not have her Life Support with her. I had to have Blake hide the bag so I do not see it laying around. I couldn't sleep but for about 2 hours at a time only to wake up in panic that she needed to have BG tested and her not to be here. Then to my surprise as I seen some pics from camp with her her happy and smiling. Today has been better. This is my way of dealing with her being gone to start this BLOG. Thanks Misty for gettimg me involved! 

My Sweet and Sassy

Trying to figure this whole out

Hi my name is Michele I am the mother of an adorable eight year old little girl who is Type 1 diabetic. We have some met some wonderful friends in the last few weeks one of which who got me involved in the blogging. I am here to vent and express how I feel how this awful disease that soooo many children have. So be patient with me in getting this started.