Sunday, September 18, 2011


So back in August I had an idea to do a fundraiser to raise money for JDRF.After about a day of thinking I decided to do one with bowling. Where kids can be involved too so it was just not for adults since these was my daughter. I decided to call it Strikes for Sweet and Sassy's Diabetic Courage. I was very apprehensive about this. Would it be a success? Would we make money? Who would actually show up. With all of this going through my head I thought why not if it does not go well who cares we had fun. Boy was I wrong after I posted it on Facebook we had a huge response but then again I found myself questioning myself the closer it go to September 16. I had put alot work, time and money into this. We had 50/50 tickets and 5 raffles items.

As the days followed I prepared pictures and a video. I am not a crafty person in anyway shape or form. I had no clue had to make a video but I figured it all out.

So the night was here I was so afraid that everyone who said they were coming would call and say "something came up we wont make" thinking in my head what I would say back to them. What i want to say is "What if this was your son/daughter that went through living with Type 1 everyday?"

All the worrying for nothing this event was a huge success with family and friends and will defiantly be a event we will do everyday. The evening went by so fast I was busy talking and thanking everyone for coming I barley had time to enjoy any bowling with my daughter. She had a blast along with everyone else who was there as well.

In the end after paying for all the bowling, pizza and soda we raised $471.00 to take with us on our walk October 9.

I am truly from the bottom of my heart so thankful for all our family and friends that came out September 16 to make this event a success they will never know much this meant to me.

Her two older brother Chase (left) Damian (right)