Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Last night at exactly 10:35 my phone was ringing...I knew this was good. It was the call I was dreading my little Sweet and Sassy crying wanting to come home from camp. I just about lost it but I kept it together until we hung up the phone. I told her to try one more night there and things would be better in the morning after she got some sleep. The counselors said she had been crying all week about 5 to 6 times a day and at bedtime. They were having truoble calming her down as the days past. So I ask to speak to the director when she called back she also said I should come get her. So I made her stay last night called and checked on her at lunch time and well here we are at home. I tried everything to get her to stay. All the girls were trying to as well... oh well maybe next year she will stay all week. The sweetest thing was in the truck on the way home she said "mommy when we get home I have surprise for you!" I said "you do what that might be?" When we got home she ran to her room as I was unloading everything. When I walked in the house she said "go to your room." There on my bed laid $15.00 she said " I am sorry for wasting your money on the camp that I did not stay at so keep what I have I even some change you can have too." I thought I was going to cry I told her its not about the money but that you are okay even though I wished she would have stayed.