Monday, July 18, 2011

Waring signs every parent should be aware of this is silent disease that gets mis diagnosed too many times to count.

I think this should be posted at every school nurses office.

How I am dealing with her gone to camp

Well yesterday was one the hardest days I have had since we were diagnosed with T1 I left her at camp. I am glad she has friend there though the two of them could have cared less that us "MOMMY'S" did not want to say good-bye. I did way better than I thought I would...I never shed a tear and neither did Cadence. Last night at bed time was a different story I lost it when I seen her bag with all her diabtetic supplies in it, I felt as if she did not have her Life Support with her. I had to have Blake hide the bag so I do not see it laying around. I couldn't sleep but for about 2 hours at a time only to wake up in panic that she needed to have BG tested and her not to be here. Then to my surprise as I seen some pics from camp with her her happy and smiling. Today has been better. This is my way of dealing with her being gone to start this BLOG. Thanks Misty for gettimg me involved! 

My Sweet and Sassy

Trying to figure this whole out

Hi my name is Michele I am the mother of an adorable eight year old little girl who is Type 1 diabetic. We have some met some wonderful friends in the last few weeks one of which who got me involved in the blogging. I am here to vent and express how I feel how this awful disease that soooo many children have. So be patient with me in getting this started.