Our Story

What started off to be nothing but a sinus infection turned into three trips to the Dr. in sixteen days then ended with a three night stay in Children's hospital learning how to care for my T1 little girl. It was a Saturday  May 15, 2010 when I stared to notice something was going on with my Sweet and Sassy, she would tell me she didn't feel good but said nothing really hurt. So on Monday morning we went to the Dr. with what I thought was nothing but  a sinus infection in which they treated. From then on things went down hill pretty fast. I notice  the follwing week she was extremly thirtsy and was peeing all the time even wetting the bed some nights. So I then again took her back to the Dr on May 27 in which I thought was an UTI. As I am telling the Dr what was goingon she agreed with me. They tested her for a UTI which came back NEGATIVE but still treated her for a UTI. Over Memorial Day weekend she got worse. My little sassy girl was not eating only drinking anything and everything in sight and running to the bathroom as well. She also was soooo tired all the time. Myself was like I had her to the Dr, she is on antiobiotic, she has to start feeling better soon! No way on June 1  I picked her up from the sitter and she was so lethargic she couldnt walk. I bring her in the house and begin to give a bath. That is when I thought oh my gosh my little girl as a form a cancer...her chest was sunk in, lost 7lbs in five days. I could not even see the blue in eyes her pupils were huge. At this point I knew something was really wrong. That night laying in bed something clicked in my head OH MY SHE IS DIABETIC. Back to the Dr we go the next day I demanded blood work and urine samples to be on her sugar levels. The Dr says "we have been meaning to call you she has EXTREAMLY high sugar in her urine." Come on it had been SIX days. Needless to say we have switched docs since then. Here we are little over  two years with T1 and we are doing well. June 2, 2010 a day I will never forget!!!! The pic is of Cadence two days before we were diagnosed.