Friday, June 22, 2012

We Don't Have It So Bad

As I was wondering what I should blog about this evening. Nothing came to mind except we don't have it so bad after all. Even though we as D parents think sometimes how could it get worse. We are either to high or low, ketones, snacks and juice every 3 hrs in the middle of the night. We wish we could sleep more than 3-4 hrs. Then there are night OH MY GOODNESS I slept through my alarm. You take off running to the bedroom to check BG and to your surprise your child is sleeping and is just fine. God has taken control for a few hours so we can sleep. This brings me to why I am posting tonight.

As I signed onto Facebook yesterday I read a girl I had gone to high school with had passed away unexpectedly at age 35 leaving two little boys here on earth without a mommy to get kiss away the boo's boo's or watch them play ball, graduate, go to college, get married and so on. Then  I few weeks ago I stumbled across a family who's daughter is fighting Neuroblastoma cancer stage 5. I do not know this family at all but have several friends who do. Check out her CaringBridge site her mom has set up.  

So just when we all think HOW BAD IS TODAY? We still have our babies with us and are doing everything we can to help find a cure. With this being said I will leave with a picture of Sweet and Sassy playing softball and pitching and enjoying life to the fullest no matter what D throws at her she throws it right back on the field.