Monday, October 31, 2011

Get better fast

I am really upset today, on Saturday I let Sweet and Sassy play outside all day with
Snuggled on the couch with Braxton with high blood sugars that make her feel cruddy!!!!

the neighbor kids. She had on sweatshirt and jeans and tennis shoes...versus the neighbor girl who had no shoes and tank top with carpi pants it was in the 50's but hey I am not her mom. So who wakes up yesterday with a nasty barking cough yes that would be my daughter. I started breathing treatments immediately on her as I do not want this to get out of control...which with the breathing treatments = high blood sugars in 400's. I just get so made at this stupid disease the least little thing they do affects their sugar level. Needless to say we off to the Dr today when the little girl across the street is at school and is not sick...not that I would want her sick too. We can not be sick we are getting our Omi-pod on Thursday and we have our first cheer competition on Saturday