Wednesday, July 27, 2011


First of all I want to thank anyone who has commented over the past few days its been very stressful around here as you are about to here!

Sweet and Sassy's BG have been extreamly high at night in the 300's and low 400's but has been great during the day, no high's or low's. I think we have it under control now. I have been increasing her Lantus as of last night it's working, let us hope tonight is good too. I need some sleep more than 2 hrs at a time!

Then our air is out. Been having companies in out getting estimates. We think we have one now should be installed next week sometime. It has not been to hot as our's still works some what.

Blake's grandpa is not doing well at all. He is now in Hospice care only drinking not eating. They are saying its a matter of days. He is Florida. I keep telling Blake to go see him I do not want him to miss out on saying good-bye and then regret it later. I know we have alot going on here but I can handle it. So not sure how to handle him not wanting to go. I am thinking it is just a guy thing.

My friend Jeannette found her 21 yr old son unresponsive she had to give him CPR. He has blood clots they think with all the CPR the clot broke up and moved to his lungs which was lying on his heart. He has flat lined three times since Monday I was told. He is on a hypothermia machine to help with the brain function. He is 65% vent and 35% of his own breathing. He truly needs a MIRACLE! He had told his mom about a month ago he thought something seriously was wrong with him. He just graduated college and was engaged. The family had also taken a trip out west about a month ago as well.

I feel so HELPLESS to all the ones around me right now. Knowing there is nothing I can say or do to make things better for any of them. All I can do is be there when they need me.

I know alot of this had nothing to do with her BG's but please keep them all in your prayers.

As a mother I can not even imagine what she is going throguh. I hope and pray I never have to either. If none of this makes any sense it is beacause I have had a waterfall on the whole time I have been typing.