Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What were we waiting for

So we have been pumping with the Omnipod for one month tomorrow, so far so good no big issues. We love it, as I sit back and think about why I waited so long to get started on the pump? I really think it was just I had the injections down I knew when she would go HIGH or LOW with what activity.

Pod changes have went well every three days we have not had one fall off or be uncomfortable...I am patting myself on my back because when were on saline the first week I put one her arm and it was EXTREMELY painful for her. Sweet and Sassy cried for almost two hours that day. I felt so bad for her and thought is this going to work for us. She was so afraid of and said " I just want to go back on shots!" I encouraged her to keep trying it out. Trying to explain this too a crying 8 year old who is very strong willed was quite difficult but all in all she agreed.

One of our first days on the pump she said " I do not even feel like I have diabetes anymore." This brought tears to my eyes. I am glad she feels that why now me it took me a few days, seeing the pod attached to her was a constant reminder to me that she had this awful disease. It does not bother me at all anymore.

We have had awesome BG only a couple high's but this week are struggling with low's in the morning after breakfast as in 40 yes I said 40 to low for me.

A big thanks goes out to Nicole Stupp when ever I had question no matter the time of day or night she was always there for me.

With all of this being said Sweet and Sassy is preparing for our next cheer competition on Saturday


  1. AWWW Love this picture of her! SO proud of both of you on this big change!

  2. So glad things are going well (other than that 40, but who's counting!?!) Bean loves her pod and we have been very happy with it for the past almost 14 months. No, it's not perfect, but it works well for us!

  3. Thank you for this uplifting post. I am considering pumping and this lifted my spirits. Thx...J.

  4. Thanks to all of you. Yes it is not perfect but what is in diabetes? NOTHING! I would not want to go back to injections.

  5. My son Isaac started on the omnipod in June. We really like it also :) Glad your daughter likes it and is doing so well with it..