Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Showing Courage to her Bubba

Good morning to all! We have had some really good days not to many high BG or low BG I absolutely love this but what I do not like is what or should I say how this disease made me feel this morning at breakfast.

We got up did our normal first things first before even getting out of bed we checked Sweet and Sassy's BG it was PERFECT 131!!!! Did a little happy dance we love seeing that kind of number first thing in the morning. So I ask the kids what they wanted for breakfast they both said " Cinnamon Rolls." almost spontaneously really strange. So off I go to put them into the oven. Of course after putting them in the oven I immediately look at the carb count already knowing what it is but I always like to double check 44 carbs with icing per roll. They both decided they wanted chocolate milk as well. So Sweet and Sassy wants 3 cinnamon rolls with chocolate milk. 165 carbs = 12 units of insulin for her.

As I am dialing up her insulin pen and preparing to give it to her. I just stood there for a minute looking at it and said " This just stinks." She was sitting there about to enjoy her breakfast when we have to say " oh wait you need a shot before you can eat that." With that many units I wanted to make sure it was going in a spot that would absorb better than others. After choosing our spot she said" oh that one kind of hurt." No tears though. My son says " This just plain sucks for her." Yes it does. So while I am in the kitchen cleaning up I hear her talking to her bubba her response to all of this was " God must not of had enough diabetics that is why he chose me bubba." I almost started to cry. To look at that way is UNBELIEVABLE for an 8 year old. I do believe he does choose the strong ones to have this awful disease. I am so very thankful she does not put up a fight every time we need insulin to just stay alive everyday. I do believe if this was my son it would not be so easy. As just the other night he said " Mom I feel funny kinda of shaky and light headed." You know us D mammas of course I checked his BG. You would of thought I was telling him we were doing major surgery. Thank goodness it was 99 and dinner was about to be served. I am always fearful that he will end up with this as well. When he was an infant his BG dropped to 61 when we were in the hospital for a virus. We checked BG for 2 weeks 3 times a day at 9 mths old. Everything turned out fine and the Dr's determined it was Rotovirus... I still worry especially now with her having D.

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